Thursday, December 31, 2009

To a Decade: Farewell y Gracias

Dear 2000’s,

People say you sucked. Indeed, you did. Yet, in my world, you were pretty good.

I started you off as a confused 21 year old and ended it an even more confused 30 year old.

You saw me go from County-employed holly roller to radical lefty working at a badass racial justice organization.

You gave me the realization that the divine is in the people.

You gave me the love of my life.

You gave me 6 amazing years of therapy,

You gave me a disowning dad and gave him back 2 years later.

You gave me three fat Chihuahuas.

You gave me the world’s most amazing suegros and cuñadas.

You showed me that life is not about sin, deception and scarcity, rather about love, possibility and abundance.

You showed me how to let go.

You showed me how to hang on.

You showed me that Black and Brown butch dykes are the real yoda jedi masters.

You showed me how to cry.

You showed me that love, not blood, makes family.

You taught me how to write.

You taught me how to vote.

You taught me that people of color are worthy, able, necessary and sacred.

You taught me how to love and be loved by men of color when we were only taught to fear and fight each other.

You taught me to believe we actually have a Black President and, no, it isn’t a dream.

You taught me that angry Brown women are exactly what is needed on the Supreme Court.

You taught me how to be loved.

You taught me to say “I love you.”

Por esto y mucho más, mis diez años cabrones, te doy las gracias.